As we take our place in the marketplace as a provider of new jobs and creative positions, we offer these positions to you, our clientele, who have already shown an appreciation for our products, service, and vision.

The following positions are available or will be available soon. Please send us an email stating your interests, along with a resume. Contact information is listed at the bottom of this page.


*Translates spoken/written from one language to another. provides consecutive or simultaneous translations between languages of persons. Reads and rewrites materials. Must be able to translate russian and french. Must have 2 years previous work experience. No Exceptions.

Sales Representative
*Freelance part-time

*Position is for someone who knows how to sell and has a great personality, is great with customer service, is flexible, and can adapt to changing or unpredictable circumstances. Must be willing to camp out or share hotel rooms with co-workers.

*Position includes: selling at our festivals, setting up and breaking down the booth, networking with customers to find new shows and new stores that would carry our product.

*Further opportunities: Position can grow into wholesale sales rep position, where you research stores that carry similar or complementary products, initiate meetings, and establish store accounts, as well as maintain superior customer service.

*Must live in or near a city where we have a festival

Pattern Maker
*Freelance or independent contractor

*Position is for someone who has technical experience in pattern making for women's outerwear

*Position includes: taking Samiah designs and developing first patterns, participating in fittings, pattern alterations, and pattern completion for production, filling out all the specification sheets, and communicating or suggesting better ways to make a pattern fit.
Must know how to grade the patterns into several sizes, or must have the ambition to learn this skill.

*Further opportunities: Position can become a full time position with benefits.

*Must live within driving distance of office in Huntington Beach.

*Freelance or independent contractor

*Position requires that you have skills in sewing women's clothing. Must have experience with industrial single needle and overlock sewing machines.

*Position includes: picking up cut pieces, sewing the garment following specifications, hanging and tagging the finished garment and delivering it back to the office.

*Further opportunities: Position can develop into a management position overseeing all production, quality control, and finishing and packaging of garments. This can be a full time position with benefits.

*Must live within driving distance of office in Huntington Beach.

*Freelance or independent contractor

*Position requires cutting skills and familiarity with fabrics, grain lines, and cutting.

*Position includes: cutting all patterns for first samples as well as production, preparing all the trims and tags according to the specification sheets, working closely with the design room manager for all projects, and providing information on needed supplies.

*Further opportunities: Position can develop into a full time position with benefits.

*Must live within driving distance from office in Huntington Beach.

Personal Assistant
This Position is currently filled

*Freelance part-time

*Position is for someone who has an interest in the overall operation of the business, and has great mental skills, can multi task, and is great with computer related jobs.

* Position includes: Assisting in several functions of the office such as- customer service, answering phone calls, running errands, research, and many other small jobs.

*Further opportunities: Position can be developed into a management position overseeing the business operations on several levels.

*Must live within driving distance from office in Huntington Beach

How to contact us with your resume:
Please send your intro letter and resume to :
Att: Samiah Khatib
P.O. Box 102
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 488 - 0464

Or you can email us at:

Please do not drop off resumes.