Charles Chun seen wearing the Samiah Pirate Coat at Red Carpet Event

Charles Rahi Chun was introduced to our collection at the GBK Golden Globes Celebrity Lounge and instantly connected with our clothing. I would have to say it was because our spirits are connected and grounded in reality and humanity. But it could also be the clothes!!! Charles is a person with such a unique background, and a very successful actor. Take a look at this article from the "Daily Candid News" and join the fan club for Charles Rahi Chun.... Click here

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Here's what the Press had to say about Samiah Fine Clothing at the Doris Bergman's Oscar Valentine Party

The following write ups are quite exciting to read when it comes to Samiah Fine Clothing and how the celebrities loved the collection.The Doris Bergman Oscar Party took place in Hollywood on Thursday, February 12th, 2015


"“I've got to tell Steven Tyler about these costumes,” said Richard Grieco when he tried on an Elizabethan-themed brocade coat from Samiah Fine Clothing."  The Tolucan Times- Sue Facter

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"Samiah Fine Clothing showed off their luxurious brocade coats and jackets inspired by old world royalty and Victorian and Renaissance times. Phenomenal actor John Savage who has appeared in almost 200 television shows & movies, including the classic, “The Deer Hunter,” looked dashing in a blue Wellington Coat."  LA Splash -marilyn Anderson

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"Luxurious brocade coats, jackets and messenger bags from Samiah Fine Clothing were hard to miss. The unique line of royalty fashions – inspired by old movies – graced the lounge with their made in the USA collection."  West Hollywood Patch - Rae Lynn

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"the bespoke coat designer showed her presence could stand up to a seasoned veteran like Sue Wong in both her artistry with fabric and her ease with guests from all walks of life" Elyse Glickman

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"Samiah Fine Collection is a beautiful line that evokes the Victoria era, pirate, steam punk, and opera-themed style."  The Experience - Vida G

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"I was wondering how this designer of Victorian-esque coats would be able to give one to every celebrity guest..." It's not about me TV- Karen Salkin

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"Favorites abound with highlights including the Hollywood glamour of Sue Wong gowns...and fun newcomers Kaya di Koko or the regal-ness of Samiah fine outerwear..." - Montebubbles

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The Winners of the Samiah Designer Choice Awards

Here it is: the Winners of the Samiah Designer Choice Awards is finally announced. Samiah has awarded a coat of choice to two celebrities for their accomplishements and success. The Celebrities who attended Doris Bergman's Oscar Valentine Party were given the opportunity to enter into the competition for a coat. Each Celebrity had to make a statement as to "Why they should win a Samiah coat". click here to see what they said.

For our Female Celebrity, the award went to Danielle Brisebois. 


Brisebois has become an accomplished, award-winning composer. She's co-written such songs as Natasha Bedingfield's hits "Unwritten" and "Pocketful of Sunshine" and is an Oscar nominee this year for the romantic ballad "Lost Stars" from the musical comedy-drama "Begin Again."

Let's see what coat Danielle will choose and in what color... That story to come soon.


for our Male Celebrity, the award went to Michael Welch.

Michael Welch is best known for his role as the popular Mike Newton in The Twilight Saga film series (2008-2011) and Luke Girardi in the beloved TV series Joan of Arcadia (2003-2005). Welch is familiar to television audiences for his many starring roles on Emmy Award-winning shows, most recently Grimm, CSI: NY, Criminal Minds, and Bones. During the past several years he appeared on CSI, an arc on The Riches, CSI: Miami, Numb3rs, Law & Order: SVU, Crossing Jordan, NCIS, Cold Case, and Without a Trace.  To see more of Micheal's accomplishements, click here

let's see what coat Michael chooses and in what color... that story to come soon.


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Doris Bergman's Oscar Valentine Party

If you had the pleasure of attending Doris Bergman's seventh annual Oscar Valentine Party on Thursday, February 12th, 2015, you witnessed all the excitement around the Samiah Fine Clothing booth. Celebrities were thrilled to try on the luxurious brocade coats and enter  in the "Samiah Designer Choice Awards" competition to win a coat. Each celebrity was gifted our hand-made brocade bags after they gave a statement as to "Why they should win a Samiah Coat".

Some of the celebrities included  James Kyson (Heroes), Richard Grieco (22 Jump street), Michael Welch (Twilight, Twiligh Saga), Melora Hardin (Transparent), Danielle Brisebois (2015 Oscar Nominee - Original Song), Christine Devine (Fox11 Anchor woman), among a few

To see the celebrities at the Oscar party, click here or go to facebook "Samiah Designer Choice awards" page

WHO WILL WIN? The winner will be announced Friday February 20th, 2015

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What the Press had to say about Samiah Fine Clothing


"Niecy Nash enjoyed the big score of the GBK suite, dancing home with a stunning handcrafted “Winterfield” purple-and-gold brocade coat from Samiah Fine Clothing, a show-stopping piece". Click here for article 

Jenny Peters, "Spywitness"


"Some of the most eloquent and regal coats I have ever seen. I was a huge fan of the hooded gold and purple coat". Click here to see article

Amber Thomas,  Amber Social LA


"This clothing company had one of the best displays I've ever seen in a suite. I felt like I was in my grandmother’s parlor!". Click here to see article

Karin Salkin,  ItsNotAboutMe.TV 


"Amazing brocade long jackets that will keep you stylish and warm for any season. Just know the presentation of this designer was indeed awesome. Plus she is a fellow FIDM Alumni." Click here for article

Lela Christine,  Fab Five Lifestyle 


"You could say the fashion offerings were quite “crafty” this go around.The ladies of Samiah Fine Clothing encouraged guests to express their inner rock star through trying on their bespoke jackets and coats, and sending them on their way with hand-made brocade shoulder bags."

Elyse Glickman,


"Samiah Fine Clothing is a local Southern California based clothing company specializing in “Made to Order” hand-made clothing for men and women." Click here for article

AMB Magazine 


"The special celebrity guests received a variety of classic and trendy brands including: Samiah Fine Clothing with show-stopping brocade coats and other designs;" Click here for article

The Tolucan Times 


"Timeless fashion gifts were also a huge hit at the lavish gift lounge. The big name guests all adored the unique handcrafted jewelry treasures... as well as Samiah Fine Clothing’s made-to-order fashions for men and women." Click here for article 

Home Business Magazine


"Custom clothing line inspired by shows like "The Tudors" ... gifted celebrities like Jillian Rose Reed and Nikki DeLoach of "Awkward" ."Click here for article

Tara Bitran,  USC's online newspaper Neon Tommy 


 "Guests received a wide variety of classic and trendy brands including: Samiah Fine Clothing, gifting hand-made brocade shoulder bags". Click here for article

Herald Online 


"Fashion and accessories are always a crowd-pleaser at GBK lounges, and this year was no different. Guests received a wide variety of classic and trendy brands including: Samiah Fine Clothing, gifting hand-made brocade shoulder bags" Click here for article


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Who we met at the GBK Golden Globes Celebrity Gifting Lounge

The GBK Golden Globes Celebrity Gift Lounge was a great success. We met so many talented actors, made great contacts and went home with a feeling of joy, knowing that we made new friends and promoted the Samiah Fine Clothing label to a great group of actors and professionals.  Looking forward to more fun events.


Here are some of the guest celebrities who tried on our clothing and some of them have now become fans!!!!


Andrea Navedo



Maitland Ward



Niecy Nash



Jaime Camil



Glen Powell



Charles Rahi Chun



Arlen Escarpeta 



Jasmine Dustin



Jillian Rose Reed



Taj Mowry



Tamala Jones



 Charlene Tilton



Madchen Amick



Jacqueline Toboni


Christy Romano



Johnathon Schaech



Keith David



Mekhi Phifer



Viola Davis



Tony Denison



Scheana Marie



Stef Dawson



Mark Rolston



Jonathan Magnum


Dot Marie Jones



Lorelei Linklater



Pat O'Brien



 Edie McClurg



Molly Hagen



Cheech Marin and wife


Nicolas Giacobone


Kristen Doute



Keith Steinfeld 


Jason Ritter



Cathryn De Prume



Jill Whelan



Christopher McDonald


Azie Tesfai

Candace Cameron Bure 


Robert Steinberg



The Hallway Posse at GBK







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the Hallway Posse at the GBK Golden Globe Celebrity Lounge

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Golden Globes Luxury Lounge

Tomorrow (Jan 9 - 10), Samiah will be at the Golden Globes Luxury Lounge. Schmoozing with Hollywood's finest, and fitting them with something extra ordinary for that special night. Don't forget to watch the Golden Globes Jan 11th - you might just see a Samiah coat up on stage making headlines.

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