Pirate Coat

Samiah Fine Clothing

$ 675.00

The Pirate Coat is your “Rocking Coat”. Get your style on as you strut in to any party. It takes care of keeping you warm on cold days and at the same time it makes you look regal and a bit mysterious or should I say “Mischievous”. Don’t be surprised when you get more attention than expected.

The Pirate Coat is a 3/4 length coat made in luxurious and rich colored brocades, accented by solid lapels, collar and cuffs, and trimmed with buttons. The coat has two front pockets, a front waist hidden closure and a back waist tab. The Coat is fully lined in Rayon satin.

You can transform yourself from Pirate to Victorian Gentleman at the drop of a hat, a top hat, that is. You will also look extremely fashionable in the modern world if that is where your presence is needed.

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