Cazar Coat

Samiah Fine Clothing

$ 795.00

The Cazar Coat is your “Every day” coat. For the more agile, on the go ladies, this coat is easy to slip on, leaves your legs free to take those giant steps into your dreams, and the flared skirted long back coat practically gives you a sense of flying.  This innovative new design inspired from the old tail coats is dramatic, accentuating a woman’s waistline while still creating a dramatic presence.  It’s a perfect blend of classic and modern, and magically maintaining the strength of a classic, defying short lived fashion trends. A keeper. Easily worn casually with jeans and simple top for the office or dressed up with a flash of sparkle and magic for a night out on the town or dare to upstage a gentlemen at a steampunk event. It’s Steampunk business attire if you ask me.

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